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A New Instructional Series



I am excited to announce the release of a new instructional series: The Powerlifting Video Bundle.  With the help of my friends at Fitness University, we have created a new video set that covers in detail how to execute, train, and improve the squat, the deadlift, and the bench press.

Here is a trailer for the videos:



                In the bench press video, Josh Bryant shares his best tips and techniques to build an impressive bench press.  Josh is a bench legend himself, being the youngest man in history to bench 600 lbs raw.  For 90 minutes, Josh explains his philosophy, his favorite assistance exercises, and how he programs the lift to make gains even at an elite level.

      the-squat-cover          In the squat video, Tim Henriques spends 2 ½ hours providing high level, point by point instruction how to squat.  Proper technique including foot stance, grip, bar placement, the descent, the ascent, muscles involved are all covered.  In addition he goes over his favorite warm-up strategies for the squat, as well as how specific assistance exercises improve certain weak points.  Tim Henriques has personally taught over a 1,000 people to become personal trainers and he is the author of All About Powerlifting.



   the-deadlift-cover             In this 75 minute deadlift video, Jordan Syatt covers the execution of both conventional and sumo deadlifts.  He provides many great tips and tricks to maximize your deadlift ability.  Jordan is part of an elite few that have deadlifted 4 x bodyweight.




If getting strong is a passion for you, or if your goal is to incorporate the barbell lifts into your clients’ personal training programs, these videos will contain great tips and cues to help you do just that.

The Powerlifting Video Bundle is available as a DVD set or as a digital download.  If you haven’t already picked up your copy of the 5 star rated book All About Powerlifting you can purchase the book and the DVDs together for the special price of $54.95.  That purchases also incudes the following:

  • All About Powerlifing Program Design Bible
  • 5 competition lifting bookelts
  • “Done-for-You” workout programs all in one bundle




To get your copy of these brand new videos, go here:


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