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How to Get Started With Online Personal Training

How to Get Started With Online Personal Training

As I alluded to in my last post, online training is an excellent way to broaden a trainer’s reach, help more people, and provide significant supplemental income to the current amount of cash a personal trainer is taking home each month.  Many trainers find they can earn another $1,000-$2,000 a month due to online training, working an additional 5 hours a week or less.

A trainer’s natural first question often is – how do I get started?  I know I want to add online training to my services, but what do I do next?  It is a good and very important question and it can be answered with another question.  When you knew you wanted to take the plunge and become a personal trainer, what was your first step?  What did you do to ensure that your career started off on the right foot?  You went and got educated in the field, correct?  You enrolled in NPTI, studied hard for 6-12 months, learned all about anatomy, nutrition, physiology and how to write great programs.  You pushed yourself in the gym and practiced training on your fellow students.  You turned in the projects, passed the tests, and when the time came you were ready to rock those finals and you earned your diploma in Personal Training.

Well, that same approach will serve you well if you wish to enter into the field of online personal training.  You need to get educated – not as a personal trainer, you already know all of that stuff.  But you need to learn how to run an online business.  You need to know how to find these clients, you need to know how to optimize social media to build your book.  You need to know how to convert the leads into sales, how much to charge, how to assess someone without being there in-person, and how to help improve adherence and general success with the workout plan.  You need to know which software to use for billing and how to create templates to improve your efficiency.  In short, you need to learn all of the ins and outs that are specific to online training.  You need to become certified as an online trainer.

NPTI is excited to announce a partnership with the Online Trainer Academy.  The OTA was set up to answer all of these questions.  Their goal isn’t to teach you how to become a personal trainer, they assume (and require) that you already know that stuff.  Their goal is to teach you how to successfully run an online personal training business.  Here is a video that goes into great length about the program:


The Online Trainer Academy is an excellent program.  I have thoroughly vetted the program personally and I am excited about how the information they provide compliments the education you get from NPTI so well.  The program comes with a comprehensive textbook that rivals NPTI’s book in terms of its depth as well as access to many online training modules and suggested study activities.  You’ll learn at your own pace in your own home (or your desired coffee shop if you prefer).  The course is broken down into 4 detailed modules, each of which is likely to take 8-20 hours to complete, and after successfully completing the 4 modules and meeting the requirements, you’ll receive your certification in online training.

Enrollment in this program is very limited.  Enrollment is open now for just a short period of time, and then it will open up again in November of this year.  You can receive a special discount of $200 off the total price if you sign up using this link by Feb 23rd.  

Just enter your email in the link that follows, receive a free eBook about online training and lock in your discounted price.

The program is a significant investment, in terms of both time and money.  The total price for the program is $1500, however with the special code above it drops to $1300.  If you want to pay in full that takes another $200 off the price bringing it down to $1100, or you can pay via an extended payment plan.  It isn’t cheap, most worthwhile things are not, but when you think about the adding the ability to earn an extra 12-24k a year to your earning potential, you’ll realize that investment in yourself is likely to be paid back pretty quickly, and it should be tax deductible for fitness professionals.

Because I believe in this program and because I want you to be successful, anyone who signs up with the Online Trainer Certification will receive a 30-minute consult with me.  We can talk about whatever you want: your business goals, training questions, how to smash that bench or deadlift plateau, how to get ripped, my thoughts on raising kids, how to save money, why battle axes are cooler than swords, which edition of Dungeons and Dragons is the best, whatever you want – it is your time.  We can do this face to face at my office in Tyson’s Corner, via Skype, or over the phone at a time that works for both of us.

If you want to help more people achieve their goals, if you are good at writing fitness programs, if you want to move closer to achieving financial freedom, or if you simply want to expand that resume and add another tool to the toolbox, I’d encourage you to register now for the Online Trainer Certification.  Use the following link to receive a special $200 off by February 23rd, and registration for this semester closes March 2nd.

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