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Some Pretty Good Stuff

                We have put out some pretty good stuff in the last couple of weeks – stuff that I strongly believe will really help you as a trainer make your clients’ programs significantly better.  To that end, I wanted to compile those various charts and handouts into one easy to find space.  If you are looking for more detail about each one of these things or if you want to download high quality versions of the media, simply click on the specific link to take you to that article.


First, we put out the Hierarchy of Strength, which attempts to rank the key variables in building strength in order of importance.  It also attempts to highlight how important each variable is:


Then we composed program design charts for the Big 3: The Squat, The Bench Press, and The Deadlift.  The idea here is that once you know which level a client is on the chart (most clients will be beginner, a few intermediate, advanced will be a rarity among normal PT clients) you can then select an appropriate weekly volume for the lift.  It is suggested to start with the minimal suggested volume and work your way up from there.  Sample programs are included to help you see these charts in action.


Squat Article:


Bench Article:


Deadlift Article:

If you find this information useful, feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues. 


Don’t forget to check back periodically to our Coming Events section to see the new CEU’s we are offering, we update that every month or two.


Remember, if you refer a friend to NPTI you receive a free CEU of your choice, a value of up to $300!

Keep learning, keep studying, applying the information in the gym on yourself and on your clients, and keep moving forward to become the best trainer you can be.


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