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The Most Glorious Smoothie

fair life milk

Most trainers and fitness enthusiasts consume protein shakes on a regular basis.  The shake is nice because it is convenient and reasonably healthy but more often than not the goal is simply to make the shake “not bad” instead of “really good.”  I am someone that wants to enjoy what I am eating, and I have found that if I don’t like the taste, I typically won’t eat it for very long.

Here is a video that shows how I make it:

I am excited to say I found a protein smoothie that not only tastes awesome but it is super easy to make.  Here’s what you need:

Milk – I like Fairlife Milk for lots of reasons.  It has 150% normal protein (so 8 oz has 12 gr instead of 8), it has no lactose, it lasts forever, and it has half the normal level of sugar.  You can get it at Harris Teeter and Walmart (at least in Virginia) so hopefully it isn’t impossible to find.  It is also super smooth and creamy.  But you can use whatever milk you prefer.

Protein – I like Quest Nutrition All Purpose Protein Powder.  I am allergic to sucralose which is found in many protein powders to enhance the taste.  This prodcut mixes easy, has no sweeteners, and I digest it well.  You can get it off of amazon or for a reasonable price.

Crushed Ice – about a handful

quest nutrition

Blender – you can use a fancy Vitamix or whatever blender you spent $400 on, I found the Hamilton Beach that was $30 at Walmart works just fine for this particular smoothie.

Here’s the deal

  •     16 oz of milk – I use Chocolate 2% milk from Fairlife
  •     1 scoop of protein powder
  •      Crushed ice

Mix for about 30 seconds or so

This smoothie yields the following nutritional information:

50 grams of protein
26 grams of carbs
9 grams of fat
358 cals

I have one of these a day.

Give it a try and see if you also think this is one glorious smoothie.


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