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Tysons Powerlifting Club – A Rare Opportunity



If you are interested in lifting weights, getting as strong as possible, working with an experienced coach, and smashing the gym with other motivated folks – I have an exciting announcement for you.




In conjunction with Ken Stewart and the awesome training facility Tysons Playground, we are starting up Tysons Powerlifting Club.

Members to the club will receive the following:

o   A powerlifting program customized to your strength level written for you by me

o   The ability to train with the Tysons Powerlifting Club as a group, likely from 9-11 am either on Saturday or Sunday (exact time TBD), under the watchful coaching eye of either myself or Coach Ken

o   A copy of the book All About Powerlifting

o   A Tysons Powerlifting Club T-shirt, size of your choice

o   The ability to compete as part of the Tysons Powerlifting Club Team when we go to competitions and vie for team awardstim1

                You get all of this for a monthly fee of only $139/month (normally that would not even get you a single one on one personal training session per month with me, and now you’ll get 2 hours of coaching time a week plus a free program for you to follow the other times you workout).


If you wish to do all of your training at Tysons Playground you can simply pay an additional $40/month and you will get unlimited access to the gym, all of the great equipment it has, plus its kick butt atmosphere – whenever you want to train.


If this is something you are interested in let me know as soon as possible, space is limited and once we reach capacity we won’t be able to take any more lifters for a while.


You do not need to be super strong to be part of the powerlifting team; newbies are welcome, we simply ask that you come willing to work hard, learn, and be ready to push yourself to become as strong as you can be.


Contact Tim at as soon as possible if you wish to sign up for this opportunity.

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