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Why Being a Personal Trainer is Awesome!

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I am excited because today I get to share some information about a topic I am passionate about: Personal Training.  And I get to talk about why being a personal trainer is awesome!

When people think of having a job as a personal trainer, most people tend to think of the immediate benefits: a flexible schedule that you set; a very nice pay rate per hour of training; and a job that doesn’t have super high barrier to entry.  It isn’t as if you need to spend 8 years in graduate school and earn your Ph.D. to become a personal trainer, all it takes is 6-12 months of school to earn a good solid education.  Combine that with some hard work and you are ready to enter the field.  But I want to get a little deeper than just those surface things, and I want you let you hear what others – those have been there and done that – have to say.




What are the two most valuable commodities in your life?  The answer for you is very likely the answer for most people because deep down people want the same thing.  A long, happy, healthy life surrounded by family and friends.  Thus most individuals would say that the two most valuable commodities in their life are Time and Health.  Those two things rank even above money.  The time one has to live, and being healthy enough to spend that time the way you wish.  Take one of those things away and life loses a lot of its luster.  Even though money is highly sought after – particularly in our culture – take away someone’s health and they will gladly trade in that money and then some to feel better again.

As a Personal Trainer we get to give both of those things to our clients.  We get to give them time and health.  They gain time because they are stacking the odds in their favor that they won’t succumb to an early demise.  We also save them time because a goal that might take the client 6-12 months to achieve on their own, with our help it can be done in 3.  And they gain health to be able to spend the time they do have in the manner they see fit.



But those are not the only 2 reasons that being a personal trainer is awesome.  I asked former NPTI grads who have put their time in the trenches why they think being a personal trainer is awesome, and this is what they had to say:

  • It is awesome to see the change in my clients’ lives – Ronald Marshall NPTI Class of 2012
  • It is awesome to see their confidence grow – Tabitha Martin NPTI Class of 2011
  • It is awesome to see my clients get stronger and leave their pain behind – Traudelinde Pelletier NPTI Class of 2009
  • It is awesome to see the glow of my clients’ faces when they start making progress or learn new things – Khalia Williams NPTI Class of 2016
  • It is awesome not to feel like you are “at work” and it is awesome to wear comfy clothes all day – Ed Meija NPTI Class of 2015
  • It is awesome to meet and interact with a bunch of cool people – Rick Garcia NPTI Class of 2012
  • It is so awesome to get that look when they just did something they never thought they could – Katrina Nathaniel NPTI Class of 2009
  • It is awesome to be able to help people love themselves again – Krystal Horton NPTI Class of 2016
  • It is awesome to have a flexible work schedule, which is particularly great for stay at home Mom’s like me – Marian Rodriguez NPTI Class of 2008
  • It is awesome to see how strength gained in the gym bleeds into the everyday lives of my clients – Blanton Brown NPTI Class of 2006
  • It is awesome to see a computer jockey overhead press 135 lbs and feel like a titan and not a programmer, that is the glory of training – Joe Helein NPTI Class of 2014
  • It is an awesome job because you get to change people’s lives – Charles Anderson NPTI Class of 201614947625_1214867461885224_8931162166389675891_n




Being a personal trainer truly is an awesome job.  I am not claiming it is easy, or that every day is filled with nothing but joy – I am not sure any job can claim that.  But if you have a passion for fitness and you enjoy helping others, this is very likely the career field for you.

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