Why Choose NPTI?

Fitness personal plan active man with trainerYou already know that what you put into something determines what you get out it, your own workouts have already proven that you. 10 minute programs and exercise gimmicks do little to really change fitness, instead it takes hard work performed consistently over a reasonable period of time to truly change the body – but if you are willing to do that, those changes can be extraordinary.

The same is true for your fitness education. Self study programs that involve little if any actual instruction, with no practical component, simply aren’t adequate to fully prepare you for a career in the fitness industry. Anatomy, nutrition, exercise theory – all are complex topics that need to be taught by a qualified instructor, one that is right in front of you that can interact with and ask questions to.

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Personal Training is Difficult to Learn With Only a Book

Exercise technique can’t be learned solely by studying a book – one must go to the gym and actually practice the various lifts, spotting techniques, and stretches to become proficient in them. The fitness world is loaded with people that think they are doing something correctly when in actuality they are not – you don’t want to be one of those people, particularly when another person’s health and safety is literally in your hands. NPTI includes over 200 hours of hands on experience in the gym, working under the supervision of an instructor.

Don’t underestimate the value of having classmates either. Remember this is adult education so your classmates will be people just like you – with a wealth of real world, life experience to bring to the classroom. You won’t just learn from your instructors, you will learn from your fellow classmates and they in turn will learn from you.

NPTI of Virginia is approved by the Department of Education in Virginia, the same department that approved the high school that you graduated from. Because of this and because of the length of time of the program we can offer our students a diploma in personal training which doesn’t expire, just like your high school diploma doesn’t expire and like that diploma your personal training diploma is good in any state.

accscNPTI of Virginia is ACCSC Accredited

NPTI of VA is accredited by the ACCSC, a strict accrediting agency that enforces that we follow certain rules and also ensures that we have certain graduation and employment rates.

Upon graduation from the program, not only will a student receive their personal training diploma but they will also receive a Certificate in Nutrition which lets you help your clients with the very common goals of reducing bodyfat, losing weight, building muscle, and improving fitness and health. Students will also be certified in CPR and AED upon graduation, which is usually a requirement to work for a fitness company.

NPTI has recently partnered up with the NASM and upon graduation from the program students will receive access to the NASM online study material and lectures as well as the NASM CPT personal trainer exam, a $700 value! This is all included in your tuition at no extra charge. A trainer with both the NPTI and NASM certifications is held in very high regard in the fitness industry.

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